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Team Belgium consists of a team Master of Engineering students at the University of Ghent.  After two rounds of stringent selection, we get the honor to participate in the prestigious U.S. DOE Solar Decathlon competition.  The U.S. Department of Energy challenges us to design and build a house on solar power. The contest is organized every two years since 2002 by the U.S. Department of Energy and is, as usual, on the National Mall in Washington DC and is scheduled for autumn 2011. Then the designed homes of the selected teams will be showed to the general public for a dozen days.  Anyone can in this way discover the combination of design, solar energy and energy efficiency.

1   Goals

Team Belgium made different goals for the U.S. DOE Solar Decathlon:

2   Raise awareness and promote

  • promoting an integrated or "whole building design" approach for new construction;
  • the potential of "Zero Energy Homes" - who produce the same amount of energy from renewable sources as they consume-demonstrate to the public;

  • generate greater awareness about renewable energy, energy efficiency, green building technology, and how solar energy can reduce energy costs;
  • prove the ability to built a house that is not only effective and efficient, but affordable and attractive.

3   Winning

Team Belgium-Ghent University is the only European team that reached the final selection! During the event in the autumn of 2011 a panel of experts will give points to the houses. This is similar to an athletic decathlon on ten disciplines, including architecture, comfort, budget friendly ,.... it is the first time for Team Belgium to battle with 19 other university student teams worldwide.

4   Business and cooperation

Team Belgium consists of young people with ambition to deliver a great project. The project promotes cooperation between students from different academic disciplines.

5   Why becoming partner? Building a beter future

U.S. DOE Solar Decathlon is an internationally known and prestigious competition that allows you and us to give the public a unique insight into Belgian sustainable construction technologies. Our participation in the Solar Decathlon is not possible without the financial, material and intellectual support and cooperation with partners and experts from different disciplines.(Supporters - event partners - process sponsorship - sponsorship system ...) If you want to enter into cooperation with a young dynamic team of motivated students to build better and greener housing, do not hesitate to contact us.

6   Return

The Solar Team can provide your company or institution return through various sponsorship packages.

Possibilities include:

  • Your logo on our site
  • Your logo on Team Belgium Textiles
  • Your logo on our stand during Batibouw 2011
  • Your logo on all publications and articles on Team Belgium's E-Cube
  • Use E-cube Team Belgium in your promotion
  • ...

7   Some figures of Solar Decathlon 2009 *

  • More than 923 million impressions with Solar Decathlon messages
  • More than 730 television stories nationwide
  • Event coverage by CNN, Fox News, NBC's The Today Show, AP, and Reuters
  • More than 75 million listeners for 74 radio interviews nationwide
  • Coverage in 265 newspapers across the country
  • More than 3 million Web page views and 477,970 site visits
  • 307,502 house visits in 10 days

*Data collected for the time period of Aug. 1–Nov. 30, 2009

For more information on our participation and sponsorship opportunities, or do you have a specific proposal? Do not hesitate to contact us via the contactinformation at the side.

We hope to welcome you soon as a partner.

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Ghent University Solar Decathlon 2011

Special thanks to our main partners, and all our other partners for delivering goods and/or services for The E-cube project.

  • Solar Decathlon
  • US Dept. Of Energy
  • NREL
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