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Solar Decathlon 2011

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The E-cube

Ghent University's E-Cube is an affordable, do-it-yourself building kit for a solar-powered house that is pre-engineered, factory-built, and easily assembled without special skills.

The house begins with a starter unit, which can be upgraded with enhancements to the PV system and interior finishes as well as with extensions to the living space. This allows homeowners to personalize the house according to their time and budget.

Although not intended as a single solution for all people and lifestyles, the E-Cube will pro- vide Solar Decathlon 2011 visitors unique in- sight into Belgian sustainable building design.

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Ghent University Solar Decathlon 2011

Special thanks to our main partners, and all our other partners for delivering goods and/or services for The E-cube project.

  • Solar Decathlon
  • US Dept. Of Energy
  • NREL
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